The amazing truth about Costco’s organic food

The amazing truth about Costco’s organic food

SFGate | Mark Morford

You like to think you’re all special. You think you’re engaged, thoughtful, doing your part by recycling all your bourbon bottles and buying fair-trade coffee and always showering with a friend because hey, you actually care about the drought, mostly.

And why? Because these things matter. Choices matter. “Be the change you want to see in the world,” someone – I think it was Beyoncé – once said. Damn straight, girl.

But you are also not stupid. You know there’s a bit more to saving the planet than composting your dryer lint and flipping off Taco Bell every time you pass by (but by all means, do it anyway). You understand that sometimes the only way serious, lasting change can happen is when it happens at scale, from the top of capitalism’s ruthless food chain on down. Sad but true.

You know, for example, that sometimes it requires the faceless CEO of a massive retailer based somewhere in Issaquah to decide it’s time to start selling organic food alongside the regular, heavily processed stuff in their various megastores – lots and lots of it, historic amounts, even – and boom, farmers for 1,000 miles convulse, consumers flock and the world lurches forward, sort of, a little, because capitalism. >>READ MORE

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